The Real Reason I Became a Real Estate Agent

As True Today as It Was When I First Wrote This Five Years Ago.

About this time in 2013, I had what some might call a professional epiphany. At the age of 55, after nearly 30 years in marketing and media, I decided to become a licensed real estate agent. (Insert gasp of horror here).

For some who know me, the move seemed almost inevitable. As a personal branding consultant, I’d already learned how to run my own firm and market myself as a professional resource. And since much of my work over the previous ten years focused on real estate marketing, I not only knew the business, but knew dozens of top agents and industry leaders who could help me advance my expertise.

But if we’re friends on Facebook or connected on LinkedIn, my decision to become a real estate agent actually had much more to do with you than me. 

It’s You.
Call it a “midlife moment,” but I started thinking about all the bright, interesting, genuinely good people I’ve been fortunate enough to know and work with in my life; from Burnsville High and Luther College alumni, to Tulsa and Twin Cities media associates, to Life Time Fitness and Cuneo Advertising team members. In other words, I started thinking about you. And I realized that the odds of us ever working together again were pretty slim – unless one of us made a move. So I did.

Being a realtor is my way of enhancing the possibilities we might connect and collaborate again, if only for a short time. It gives us an opportunity to expand the conversation beyond social posts and gives me a chance to be of real service to you. (Yeah, I know how sappy that sounds, but it’s true).

“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain 


And the best part is: It’s happening. Over the past few years, I’ve helped a variety of “past life” friends and associates move up to the next stage of their lives. This weekend, I’m sitting down with a woman I’ve known since we were both in the third grade to help her find what she hopes will be her last home; what she calls her “cabin in the woods.” The chance to bridge a 40-year gap in our relationship by playing such a role in her aspirations means more to me than I can say.

Now, chances are you already know a real estate agent or two. You can hardly swing a dead cat without hitting half a dozen. (My apologies to cat lovers). But if you, your friends or family are ever thinking about buying or selling a home, I hope you’ll remember me. Even if it’s just to provide a point of comparison, offer an objective opinion or answer a simple question.

You can reach me directly at 612.636.4554 or So, don’t be shy. You’re the reason I wrote this thing and I look forward to hearing from you.

Edited from a blog written in December 2013 and published in February 2014.

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